Friday, April 4, 2014

A-Z Challenge - C

I posted two days ago about my A-Z Challenge, inspired by a tour company blog. As I explained and will briefly again my original A-Z Challenge (which I have not given up on) was about reading books and I had a list of one's starting with every letter of the alphabet.

This challenge is using letters A-Z to make my A-Z challenge about blogging and just having some fun and putting up some great posts about blogging and reading also but with more focus on blogging.

Today is C. And for C I chose to Comment.

I do comment a lot on people's blogs. But what I am going to do is find one blog a day to comment on because there are so many good ones out there. And I know how I feel when someone leaves me a comment.

I am also going to leave the person's blog link so you can leave a comment too if you want.

Today I chose the blog Happy Indulgences and I commented on the pressures of blogging and life in general. It is about the pressure we put on ourselves. It was a good piece and I commented. It is as simple as that. While on her blog I found another article too but did not have anything to say.

The blog I chose was and I commented on "Pressure - It's All In Our Heads".  I know this blogger likes comments like I do so make sure to leave her one.

Tune in tomorrow for "D".