Thursday, April 3, 2014

A New Book of the Bible From @thetweetofgod

(from twitter)

Okay I am a little late with this but this is hysterical. I was poking around on #twitterfiction and found this. I hope you enjoy it.

God will be writing an entirely new book of the Bible. It is called "The Book of Bieb," and it tells the story of the rise and fall of Justin Bieber, the younger brother of Jesus. Starting at 9am and ending at 5pm, there will be 10 chapters and 241 Tweets.

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I could not copy the picture but it was a great one. You will see it if you go to the site.

David Javerbaum @TheTweetOfGod is a former head writer and executive producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He is the coauthor of that show’s bestsellers, America: The Book and Earth: The Book, and author of the pregnancy parody What to Expect When You’re Expected.

God has been grabbing headlines ever since first creating the universe. Indeed, the multi-talented deity has been involved in the development of every single thing that has ever happened, including the Crusades, plate tectonics, and Seinfeld. His previous serious works as an author, The Old Testament, The New Testament, and The Koran, have sold an impressive 5 billion copies, with the first two in particular coming to be collectively regarded as something of a bible of their field.