Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Golden Books Baby Shower!

by Leah Rocketto)

Throwing a baby shower for one mom-to-be is a difficult task. So when Anneliese of Aesthetic Nest was asked to plan a party for two expectant women, she knew she had a challenge ahead of her.

"My sister called to ask for my help planning a baby shower for a couple friends," Anneliese shares. "They were both having boys and she wanted to do yellow and turquoise as the colors." Unfortunately, the mother of three was heading out of town and needed to come up with and execute an idea fast. "We talked about a book shower, and the Little Golden Books idea came to me. I was immediately obsessed with bringing it to life."

With some help from her sister, Anneliese scoured the thrift shops for beloved children's books and classic toys. She also used her computer and design skills to create the invitations, cupcake wrappers, and other paper elements, which are available to download on her website. Rather than bring something from the registry, guests were asked to bring a book for each of the boys, which made the mothers happy.

"They were so thrilled to have a library of books to welcome their little boys," Anneliese says. Scroll through to see all the elements of this storybook baby shower.

The Welcome Table

Guests were welcomed to the party with a copy of the invitation and vintage candy — all yellow and blue.

Wrapping Station

Anneliese provided guests with teal wrapping paper and yellow and white ribbon, which matched the party's color concept. She also used the ribbon as decoration throughout the house.

Book Plates

"I personally love remembering who gave me the books in my children's library so I thought it would be nice to provide book plates for guests to fill out and provide with their gifts," Anneliese says. These festive tags also doubled as a card.


Rather than flowers, Anneliese filled vases with gumballs and supersimple pom-poms.


To keep the book theme going throughout the party, Anneliese hung illustrations from favorite Little Golden Books stories.

Bucket of Beverages

Guests enjoyed a seated meal of poached salmon and a Santa Rosa salad. They cooled off with sparkling water and Pellegrino sodas, which were placed in a decorated pail.

Sugar Daddy

"We served a bunch of vintage candies in the party colors," Anneliese says. This included Sugar Daddy, Lemonhead, and gumballs.


Instead of a cake, Anneliese served lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The treats were decorated with a custom wrapper and a book topper.

Book Display

While the theme was Little Golden Books, Anneliese also incorporated other classic children's tales.

Cookie Jar

For decor that doubled as a dessert display, Anneliese wrapped glass jars in yellow polka-dot bows and filled them with sandwich cookies.

Vintage Items

Party prep can be tough, but Anneliese enjoyed searching for classic toys and books to use as accents.

Easy Decor

For some DIY decor, Anneliese lined a white tray with Little Golden Books paper and topped it with these classic children's toys.

All pictures by Source: Aesthetic Nest

*Blogger's note: I at first saw this a few days ago and thought it was what I already posted about the anniversary of Little Golden Books. But today with more time I took a look and WOW! How cute is this? If you are a guy you probably did not make it down to here lol! But if you are a woman, I mean come on...this was really creative and I bet it cost a fortune! But what a great idea. I hope this baby grows up to be a reader and maybe an author and will have pictures from this baby shower.