Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Busy Day!

Today was a very busy day for me. I was at the doctors office three times (three different doctors) and all I have to say is thank goodness for my android phone with the Kindle app. It was tough being away from the computer and not able to blog as much as usual. I read a lot of my tour book.

I want you to know that tomorrow on my blog is jam packed. I have one cover reveal at midnight with a giveaway. I have five book blitzes going up at midnight also with giveaways. They are all blitz-wide giveaways accept for one which is a host (remember that is me!) giveaway.

Also around midnight if I am still awake lol! I have my usual The Quote, The Review, and The List.

I will have day four of the April Fool's Challenge that I am taking part in.

I will have "C" from my A-Z blog challenge.

I will continue to bring you the poem of the day from celebrating National Poetry Month.

I will also be bringing you the free romance novel of the day in conjunction with

And my usual news, freebies, drabbles, blabbing, etc.

So stick around I am still busy and blogging until midnight and I will be announcing the 10 winners of Medusa by Tony Talbot. Watch for your name.

Lots of fun on my blog. I am often told my blog is very good by authors and that makes me feel so good. I know my drabbles are good especially when Jonathan Hill, the king of drabbles, tells me so. I was going to do some and not put them on my blog but I love to share them with the hopes that you enjoy them. I have close to 40 that I have written and you know I have been published. I would like to get to 100 and put them in a book. My blog has been described as fun also and I like that. I do not want it to be all reviews and interviews although I respect the people that do those types of blogs. I am getting more comfortable knowing my blogging community and that is good for me.

So stick around tonight and especially after midnight when the real fun begins!