Sunday, May 11, 2014

Being a Curator

I run my blog a certain way. I did not know what it was called until a friend that has taken classes on writing told me what it was. I am a Curator. It means the same thing as it does in a museum. I have a ton of information about books and I read tons of articles each day about books and then choose what to put on my site. Just like someone in a museum has tons of artifacts in the backroom shall we say and they decide what to display and what to keep in the back room. This is what I do. I do a mix of new and old books, funny and serious books and topics, book news, etc.

It is a job I do not get paid for but I love it. Can it be over-whelming? It sure can. Do you know how much information is out there about books and authors? A lot. More than a lot and it happens all day long. I cannot just post at 9am and be done for the day. I post all day long because there is news all day long, 24 hours a day. The weekends and Monday can be a bit slow but there is still enough to keep me busy.

I have not seen another blog run like mine yet. I have seen a once a week page of book news on some blogs and most of it is things I already had on my blog from during the week. I am not saying I have the best blog in the world it is just that I do it differently from most people and wanted to give you an insight into what I do.

I have a page long, triple column front and back piece of paper with the names of the websites I visit each day and I do not get to them all every day. I have pretty much memorized the sites that have the best information from day to day and the information that you, the reader, responds too. I also have a old sheet of paper with sites that I do not visit as frequently but when I was making my new list neat, these are the sites that did not make it on the main list. But they do from time to time have good information.

I often get headaches or my body hurts from sitting in one spot for so long. I used to sit on my bed hunched over typing but that was not ergonomically correct. I just did not feel like bringing the laptop and the big cord up and down because I go to bed with the computer next to the bed so that if I wake up in the middle of the night, I can blog. I really can because there is news at night or news from the day I could not fit on my blog or get to read. I now sit in a rocking chair comfortably. My dog tries to put his head on the keyboard so I had to put a blanket over the armrest for him to lay on so he could be next to me but not in the way.

Curating is an interesting and fun way to blog. I love knowing all the information before others or even before some other sites! I love to pick through the melange of books articles from day to day and post what I think you will like. I am going to start to write my own pieces, which you know I do from time to time because then I have my say and that makes it more of a blog. A better blog. I often put, if you are a regular reader you have noticed this, at the end of an article my "Blogger's note" and tell you briefly what I thought of the preceding article. But I want to talk about more book topics.

I hope this was interesting and informative for you. This is me and this is my blog. I am a Curator.