Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It Is So Nice To Be Back!!!

Dear Readers,

I hope you still are checking back with me. A day being gone in blog world is like a few weeks! What happened was I was not on my blog because I was not feeling well on the 3rd and when I went on to blog on the 4th, my blog had been deleted. I have three blogs so I saw two and the most important one was gone. The one I am running my new business with is gone.

So I have been researching since them and doing what they told me to do and sweating like crazy to make sure this blog came home safe. I hope this does not happen again and am finding out what I can do to prevent it. They said I was spamming and I was not even on hardly at all up to the days leading to the deletion.

I am just happy (as I hope you are) that it is back.

I am going to let you soak up the fact that my blog is back and I have a great interview later today. Thank you to everyone who wrote me at other places to see if I was okay. I really appreciate it.

So I wanted to again announce that I started a book tour company and my first tour will be near the end of July. I am waiting for the author to come back from vacation so we can pick a date and I can let you know what to look for. I have read this book and it is very good. It is an adventure/mystery. I hope you will like what I will be bringing to my blog page. I have 6 other authors set up and am very excited.

If you could all do me two favors. The first would be if you are a blogger or know a blogger, I have help but need more. I will have everything put together and you will just post it the way you are used to on your blog. You can comment on my here or reach me on my facebook or twitter page. If you want to talk on my aol just tell me on twitter or facebook and I will give you the addy.

The other favor is I sure could use some more likes so if you could visit my Twitter page (@Mismatchedbookend) and follow and go to my facebook page (www.facebook.com/Mismatchedbookendtours) and like my page. I post a lot at both pages and will post even more once the tours get rolling so make sure you check that like you check my blog.

It is soooo nice to be back. I really missed everyone.

I hope to hear from some of you soon by comment or through my social media.

If there are any authors you want me to interview or get a guest post from please let me know. And if you have a book that you think should be toured, I will write to the author. Some authors have established companies that that handle their tours but it can never hurt to ask.

Have WONDEFUL Tuesday everyone!! It is nice to be home.

Love and Light,
Mismatched Bookend Tours

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