Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Have You Heard The One?

Have you heard the one where I tell you about my new company? Okay I suckered you in, it was not a joke. MY BAD! I just wanted to say not that I thought that this would be easy but between the people I have tried to contact that I thought I could count on and the information that got deleted or lost more than once, whew! So it is pulling time from my blog which is not what I wanted. So I am going to pick up on the blogging so it will get back to the blog that you know. I am working out a schedule (Something I thought I would NEVER do! lol!) so that I can work on my blog every day if even for a few hours and one day a week where that is all I will be doing.

So hang in there with me and I hope that those of you who are still hanging in there are still enjoying the post I do once in a while and the book blitzes that I have still been doing. I was ill I I said last post and this is the first day I have been up at my normal time (between 5:30a and 8:30am) and not asleep at 2:30p. So I must be getting better.

If you have any question or anything you want to to see on my blog, please comment. I got a private comment that one of my readers wanted to see more visual things on my blog. So I am looking into a vine account and using my youtube account. I may get a new one to be named as this blog is. I also have some other places like Disqus I am over at but do not have a large following but that can change.

I miss this blog very much. If I know how much time the company would take, I would still do it. But I would NOT be sick (LOL!) and I would do a calender so I could get a bread from the company work and do something fun like work on my blog.

I have had my views go down and that is understandable but this happened last time I was sick and all my lovies came back to see me.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love and Light,
Mismatched Bookend Tours

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