Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why A Book?

I am a blogger. I love to blog I do it all day long and sometimes all night long. If you do not know my story, I am ill and have been for many years. In 1999 I stopped reading altogether because the medication I was on for my illness caused me to loose focus and concentration. I read a newspaper or magazine article here and there and even got through the Series of Misfortunate Events series. It took me a while though. Then back in August of 2013 my mother brought over Joyride by Steven King. She always brought books over. Ever the optimist, hoping someday I would be able to read again. I loved the pulp cover and I opened it up and started to read it. It hooked me right from the beginning and I actually finished it. Then I asked my husband to take me to Barnes & Noble and brought three book and read them also.

My next step was a former friend of mine leading me to goodreads. I started doing reviews and then I started finding out about blogs. So I decided to start one. My first blog was called "WHY" and was about things and life in general. Then my next blog was about my dog. Shortly thereafter I said "WOW! Why don't I put my reviews on a blog" So I started out like that. Right away I asked authors for interviews and guest posts and got them. And six months later it has turned into the blog your read every day and gets close to 1,000 views a day. I started off with 30 views a day. What I now have is a blog which contain interviews, reviews, guest blogs, news, funny things, lists, etc.

As I blogged, I found an author who writes drabbles which are 100 word stories. I thought they were fascinating and still do. I started writing my own and was complimented on them by the king of drabbles, author Jonathan Hill. I also was complimented by a lot of other people and have been published as a feature in an online magazine. You can see it here: My article in GERM magazine. That was my first taste of writing.

Then I started commenting on some articles once I started adding book news to my blog. I would give my opinion here and there. And then it happened. After being around so many books and so many authors, I had a story to tell and I wanted to write.

I kept putting it off but mentioned it to a friend who kept bringing it up God Bless him. He really was the driving force for the book I am writing now. My conflict is how much time I spend on my blog and how much to I spend on the book. They are both full time jobs. I blog more definitely. I spend an hour a day writing but sometimes just want to keep going. And then when I keep going I feel like I am neglecting my blog.

I am having fun doing both things. Why a book you may ask when I hear how much writers strugle and get rejected and there are the self-publishers. I believe everything happens for a reason. Like I said above I am no longer friends with the girl who introduced me to goodread yet she plays an important role in my book. She got me to goodreads where I could spread my wings and be part of a group of book lovers. So I am going lo let nature take it' course. If it was meant to be it will happen. I have a great mentor so I am blessed with that. He reads my chapters and gives me suggestions. Kind of like beta reader but we are going chapter by chapter. I have three chapter and it was tough. I still have changes to make to chapter one and I am sure more are to come.

So if you do not see me blogging for a while (by that I mean a few hours lol!) I am reading or I am writing my book.

Why a book? Why not?