Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What would I read if no one wrote?

(from venturegalleries.com
by Judy Walnoha)

I WAS RECENTLY ASKED if I read a lot. Well, how much is a lot?

I read daily. My coffee table is filled with stacks of books describing different places to visit all waiting to be read. My night stand has a novel or two. My handbag has a fully loaded e-reader. Books are everywhere.

When driving home or long distances I listen to audiobooks, a great way to change gears when returning home from work. It’s just like having a friend along telling me a story.

In the latter part of the day, I will turn on the radio for the news and information about what is going on in the world, written by my favorite team of news reporters.

One could say I like being informed, entertained and enlightened.

Reading has fueled many of my passions and sparked a desire to travel. Every time I pick up an Atlas I wonder which place I will visit next. How many miles must I travel and when can I squeeze in another road trip?

I have an inquisitive mind. Someone told me to ‘”Think Big.” Look at life not just through small lenses, not just a snap shot, but view the big picture. I truly believe in this concept and approach life with eyes open and an eager heart yearning to experience all that life has to offer. It is not unusual to find me gazing up into the night sky wondering where all of those stars came from. I know no man on earth could have manufactured them, must be God’s creation. I think I check the Bible, again.

Upon finishing a novel I usually try to choose a different genre for my next selection. My book discussion group alternates fiction and nonfiction selections.

Having a variety of reading material I may be reading thrillers one day or light hearted stories filled with chuckles the next day, not just the same old, same old.

I have to admit; I have followed a couple of leading male characters into their next adventures, but just one man at a time. I wish I could have met Hemingway or Mark Twain or Charles Dickens my favorite authors.

Where would I be without you? Yes You! Authors, Writers, Reporters.

What would I read if no one wrote?

Writers create, describe and communicate all that life has to offer. How would I find answers to life’s lessons if not in books?