Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stay Tuned

Tonight around midnight I will be doing a new book blitz and there is a book hop also. So make sure you check back in later to get in on all the fun. With the  blitz will I will be giving away a copy of the ebook (for the host. I am the host in case you didn't know) This is the kink of giveaways I like because I put them together anyway I like and my readers have a better chance of winning because it is not blitz wide so less people. By all means read my blog in the meantime. I am kind of busy today and am trying to blog in between because we are getting new couches and....A NEW BOOKCASE!! I am more excited about the bookcase of course. I will take a picture and put it up here or on instagram. Maybe a before and after. Empty then full. Have a great rest of your day everyone.

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