Friday, May 9, 2014

Sabrina York Finds Inspiration Just About Evywhere

by Joyce Lamb)

(Photo11: Ellora's Cave)

Sounds to me as though Sabrina York, author of Dark Duke, just looks at something, and it sparks an idea. Here, she explains where she turns for inspiration for her books and who inspires her (or threatens to kick her butt if she doesn't write).

Sabrina: What inspires? A word. A phrase. Sometimes a scent. A scene in a film or a memory that would have gone better another way … It's hard to say what inspires an author because the muse is an ephemeral creature.

I often get asked what sparked the idea for one of my sexy plot twists, my hot, hard heroes or my snarky heroines, and I must say, it is probably a mélange of the above. The truth is, I am always writing. Always watching. Always standing with one foot in another world.

Oh, and always jotting down notes.

One of the greatest tragedies of my existence is a poor memory. Something brilliant at 2 a.m. is often shredded by daylight … if I don't write it down.

There's a benefit to wearing a notepad around my neck like the girl from The Piano. If I ever get stuck, I only need flip through those pages and get a shot of instant stimulation — a snort of espresso for my muse, perhaps.

She does like coffee.

When I am plotting out a book, choosing characters, I visit a magical place where all the really hot guys live. I call this magical place … Pinterest. (I don't bother searching out pictures of the heroines for most books, because let's face it, they're probably all me anyway). When I scan the pictures, I don't look for physical attributes as much as a look, a feeling, an aura I can work with. The glimmer in his eyes or the quirk of his smile. The cut of his chin.

I do have a thing for chins.

Once I have captured that essence, the character flowers to life. And oh, how magnificent, watching him rise, like a very hot and sweaty Venus, from the waters of my imagination.

Sabrina York rock sunset
A sunset that Sabrina York, author of "Dark Duke," found inspiring.(Photo11: Sabrina York)
Have I mentioned, I really enjoy my job?

Another thing I find very inspiring about Pinterest is the humor. My books are all threaded with the absurdity of life. Some of it is even funny. I love surfing people's pages for things that make me laugh and when all else fails, I look at my own pins. Because, damn, sometimes I'm entertaining. At least, I amuse myself.

But I can't talk about inspiration without mentioning the true heroes in this story. The ladies who inspire me, every day, to keep striving in a challenging business. Cherry Adair was the first. Have you read her? She's charming and funny — and speaks with a delicious accent—and her watchwords are: Running, chasing, shooting and wild monkey sex. (Who could not be inspired?) Also, if I don't write like a fiend, she will kick me in the butt.

My wonderful friends have all been great inspiration throughout my journey, encouraging me to keep trying and to not be afraid to dare. They include people like Mark Henry, who writes wickedly funny zombie stories; Ann Charles, the author of the wildly successful Deadwood series; Wendy Delaney and Lucy Carol, who write hysterical cozy mysteries; and Ann Roth, who writes lovely sweet romances. All have inspired me in one way or another. In the erotic realm, I can't tell you how much I have been influenced by the work of talented authors like Tina Donahue, Desiree Holt, Cerise DeLand and, of course, the incomparable Delilah Devlin.

Brenda Novak inspires me as well, most specifically for her work to fight diabetes. Every year she takes time out from her busy schedule to host an auction to raise money for diabetes research. It's happening now. (Here's the link to my donation, and you will find many of your favorite authors there, too, giving away amazing packages.

There are so many other amazing souls I have met on this path. Some you've heard of, but there are many you have not. Many really talented authors — on their way to your bookshelves — who have helped me, and others, succeed. I can only hope that one day you will know their names as well as I do. I can only hope that somehow, in some small way, I can be an inspiration to them.

I dream of inspiring readers, too. Inspiring them to hope and play and laugh out loud. Life is a journey, an adventure, and each day is a new chance, a new dream, a new book.

And coffee.

Never forget the coffee.

Gotta feed the muse.

Find out more about Sabrina and her books at, where you can download her free "Teaser Book" and enter her contest to win a royal tiara.