Monday, May 5, 2014

RT 2014: The Time For Gushing Is Almost Upon Us

by Joyce Lamb)

This year's RT's Booklovers Convention is coming up fast (May 13-18 in New Orleans). And if you're a reader who loves meeting your favorite romance authors, RT is the place to be. While some events are sold out, tickets for the Gigantic Book Fair, which will feature lots and lots of authors on hand for you to gush over, and the Teen Day Party, where you get to mingle with YA authors, are still available (both are on Saturday, May 17).

HEA checked in with some of our favorite authors to find out which authors would turn them into fangirls if they found themselves on the elevator with them at RT 2014. (See other authors' dream fangirl moments here, here, here and here.)

Shana Galen, author of Sapphires Are an Earl's Best Friend

I would love to meet Ann Aguirre (again). I had lunch at RT with her a few years ago, before I read her Razorland series, and I would love to chat with her about it now and ask if there's more to come for Deuce and Fade.

Angela Kay Austin, author of Rumer

If I had the opportunity to meet one author at RT, I would love for that to be Nalini Singh. Her books take readers on a real journey. And if I could pull Raphael from the pages of her archangel series, I think I would :-) The man can be as hard as he can be gentle. What woman wouldn't want to do a dance with him in the skies above the ocean with only the moon as a witness!

Anne Calhoun, author of Jaded

At RT, I'll be on the lookout for Karen Robards. Her book One Summer, with its older woman-younger man trope, family dynamics, and suspense subplot hits all my buttons. Johnny Harris remains one of my favorite heroes ever!

Liz Fenton, co-author of Your Perfect Life

I won't be at RT (so sad I'm missing it!), but if I was going, I would totally slam the stop button if I ran into Ryan Winfield in the elevator, because both he and his books are awesomely delicious!

C.H. Admirand, author of The Three Vices: Patience

I can't wait to see Beth Ciotta ... I love her quirky madcap books and haven't hugged her since last year at RT!

Nancy Corrigan, author of Favorite Obsession

If I was going to RT this year, I'd be in heaven. So many of my favorite authors! My first visit would be with Terry Spear. She's my Celtic Heart sister from the RWA and she loves shifters too. It would also be great to bump into Lara Adrian. Not only am I a fan of her vampire series, I adore New England with its rich history and intriguing ghost stories. I'd also want to talk to one of my favorite erotic authors, Sabrina York, about her collection of tiaras. Oh well, there's always next year.

Cindy Kirk, author of The Husband List

Although I won't be at RT this year, if I was and ran into Lisa Kleypas, I'd gush and tell her I'm a HUGE fan. I have been ever since reading Secrets of a Summer's Night years ago. The embarrassing part would be as I chattered on, I know I'd forget some of the character names or get books mixed up and she'd think I wasn't a true fan after all! But that wouldn't deter me from my real goal … pumping her for details on Joe Travis' story, due out soon!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Travis series!

There are two authors I would be utterly jazzed to meet. The first is Linnea Sinclair. Her books are amazing, especially her Dock 5 series, especially Gabriel's Ghost. We've "met" online — I've even taken an online class from her — but never in person. The second author is Susanna Kearsley. I'm in awe of the rich, deep tapestry of detail in her books and would love to talk research with her. Sadly, I'm not going to RT this year, but if we cross paths anywhere else, Linnea and Susanna, let's chat. I'll buy!

Elyssa Patrick, author of Four Weddings and a Break Up

If I were going to RT this year, I would *die* if I met Lisa Kleypas, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nora Roberts, or Nalini Singh. I would be way too nervous and shy to meet them, though! Each of these authors are huge inspirations to me as an author and have books with permanent places on my DIK shelf. To say I love their books is putting it mildly.

Desire Holt, author of Quarterback Sneak

I would absolutely fall on my knees and kiss her ring if I ran into Marie Force. Her McCarthys of Gansett Island series is THE BEST! It's better than chocolate, Jack Daniel's and retail therapy. Her heroes? I want them all. ALL!

Ruth A. Casie, author of The Guardian's Witch

I would have a hard time catching my breath if I ran into Julie Rowe, because she writes sympathetic main characters with pasts that haunt them. She set her stories, Ice Bound and North of Heartbreak, in exotic settings you wouldn't expect for a romance, Antarctica and Alaska. In addition she has plenty of medical drama to keep me turning the pages.

Find out more about RT 2014 at Find a list of the authors who plan to attend here.