Sunday, May 4, 2014

RT 2014: The Time For Gushing Is Almost Upon Us

by Joyce Lamb)

This year's RT Booklovers Convention is coming up fast (May 13-18 in New Orleans). And if you're a reader who loves meeting your favorite romance authors, RT is the place to be. While some events are sold out, tickets for the Gigantic Book Fair, which will feature lots and lots of authors on hand for you to gush over, and the Teen Day Party, where you get to mingle with YA authors, are still available (both are on Saturday, May 17).

HEA checked in with some of our favorite authors to find out which authors would turn them into fangirls if they found themselves on the elevator with them at RT 2014. (See other authors' dream fangirl moments here, here, here and here.)

Serena Chase, author of The Ryn

I wish I could attend RT, because if there was even a chance I would breathe near the legendary Francine Rivers, I might pack a portable tank with a suction hose so I could bring home my own personal oxygen bar. The way she crafts prose, I can only assume her exhalations are inspiring, too *wink* — and what author couldn't benefit from a little on-tap inspiration? I would also LOVE to bump into Cindi Madsen. That chick is FUN and it is quite possible we could get into a lot of trouble together, which can also be fun.

Lucy Monroe, author of Sheikh's Scandal

I'm sure I would get totally tongue-tied and come off as an ubergeek if I ran into Amy Lane. She writes the kind of characters I wish lived in real life around the corner, and I've always figured that reflects her heart so she must be a truly amazing person. So, yeah ... I'd like to be her friend. LOL

Regan Walker, author of Wind Raven

My heart would be racing if I ran into historical romance greats like Heather Graham, Karen Robards and Cynthia Wright as they write amazing stories. I've met them in cyberspace but only Heather in person. They all know how to tell a story that sweeps you away! I'm going to be at RT, and in addition to meeting my readers, I'm hoping to see my favorite authors — like these!

Grace Burrowes, author of The MacGregor's Lady

If a benevolent goddess put Victoria Roberts in my path, I'd be most grateful. In addition to writing terrific Scottish historicals, Victoria often has a kilted swain or two in tow at conferences and signings. All we'd need then is a good bottle of Highland single malt, a few barstools ...

Patricia Mason, author of The Reluctant Rancher

Even though I'm not attending, I'd love to meet Pamela Palmer — there's nothing like a "feral warrior" to get you in the mood to write about an alpha male.

Mandy Harbin, author of Blue Balls and Push-Up Bras

I fear I'll be stunned speechless when I meet Jaci Burton ... which isn't good since we're both participating in The Great Author Hunt at RT. When I get an e-mail from her (and by me, I mean everybody on the loop), I've been known to stare at it and giggle before responding. No shame whatsoever.

Helena Fairfax, author of The Silk Romance

I live in the UK, so sadly I can't make it to the convention. If I could go, I'd love to bump into fellow British authors Sue Moorcroft and Fiona Harper and tell them how much their novels inspired me to write. I'd also love to meet Susan Mallery. Her fabulous Fool's Gold series also includes a cookbook, and I'd love to sit down with Susan and eat our way through some of the recipes. Happy endings and good food — a great combination!

Anne Elizabeth, author of A SEAL Forever (December)

I'm looking forward to FANGIRL moments with New York Times best-selling author Marjorie Liu. Even though we share a booth at Comic-Con International — Booth 2201 — we hardly ever get a chance to sit down and just talk. We both love science-fiction and the paranormal and can hardly wait to catch up on the latest shows. She even turned me on to Real Humans (a Swedish show) that I've been trying to find a full DVD set for. What could be more fun than romance, science-fiction, and paranormal explorations — add in the comic book element — and we could talk all night. I can hardly wait to see Marjorie! YAYAYYYYYY!!!!

Find out more about RT 2014 and how to get tickets for the book fair and the Teen Day Party at Find a list of the authors who plan to attend here.