Saturday, May 3, 2014

Reading and Television

I do not watch a lot of television but sometimes my dvr fills up and I have to catch up on my favorite shows like Bates Motel, my last season favorite of all. I love psychological thrillers. Anyway I always feel guilty when I watch television like I should be reading. I know you can do both but I feel like I am cheating on my books. Then it is hard to get back into reading books because I watch some Adult Swim, some TBS, some Nick, etc.

I guess what I am trying to say is it is hard when you are an avid reader. I do not know if anyone else has this problem. I do not know anyone who reads as much as me. Wait strike that, I am on goodreads lol! I do not know how people who read a lot of books feel about television and do they have favorite shows they like to watch. I only have 5. It could be more but I am more of a movie person.

So I have spent the week catching up on my dvr showe knowing I have a tour book to read first of all but missing reading. It is hard for me to concentrate so I have to pick one or the other. I can't read a book for an hour than watch television and vice versa.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so how do you deal with hit? I would love to know.

Until then, 2 more episodes of Bates Motel, 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race and 6 of Bob's Burgers. I need Netflix. I read Orange Is The New Black and I am aware of the changes that were made from the book but want to see it. I heard good things.