Friday, May 23, 2014

Not The Usual

I was looking through my comments today and was bowled over at how many I had. I am going to get to everyone I promise. I have been a bit under the weather the past four days. You all know I have MS or if you don't know now you do. So I have bad days and am very tired and cannot see correctly. My husband usually has to take the laptop from me. So the volume of posts went down but I am feeling a bit better today.

Speaking of feeling better, a nice lady wrote me and asked me, because of a post of mine, if I would put this information on my blog. It is about chemotherapy. As a survivor of cancer myself, I will sure take the time to post this information. As a matter of fact, I remember the best thing about being in the hospital was when the book lady came by. I still was not reading then but I read a few pages from a book or two. It was comforting to have a partner in the mess of everything. I am sure most people have had cancer or know someone affected by it, so if at least one person is helped by this, then I did my job.

Also make sure you do not let anything go untreated like a breast lump, make sure you get your colonoscopys and things like that so if you get it you can catch it early. That is what happened with me. A small lump on my thyroid got just a few millimeters bigger and they tested it and it was cancerous and had spread to my lymph nodes already. So I know nobody likes to go to the doctor, but you really should. I pray that you do.

Here is the information:

Healthline just designed a virtual guide of the effects of chemotherapy on the body. You can see the infographic here:

This is valuable med-reviewed information that can help a person understand the side effects they are experiencing from their chemo treatment. I thought this would be of interest to your audience, and I’m writing to see if you would include this as a resource on your page.