Saturday, May 3, 2014

Must-See Book Trailer: 'How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You'

by Robin Covington)


I am back from vacation and it was wonderful — just what I needed to get away from the dreary winter we've had. I read so many great books while I sat by the pool or the beach. Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase had me laughing and sighing in turns, and I finally succumbed to the Nalini Singh Psy-Changeling series and read the first book, Slave to Sensation. It was fabulous!

The first trailer for this week is completely adorkable. Totes. The video for How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You by T.M. Franklin is so much fun. The script, the music, the perfect images and even the font scream that this book is going to have you giggling all the way through it as you root for Oliver. I'm not a huge YA reader, but this one went right on my TBR pile.

How To Get Ainsley Bishop To Fall In Love With You

The trailer for Golden Anidae by Suzanne Sabol is beautifully executed. I love the vibrant images that depict the glitz of Vegas and the beauty of the Nevada desert. The scripts adds the intrigue of a pack of werewolves and a gorgeous, dangerous vampire paired with the heroine, who is known as "The Blushing Death," and I was sucked into the story.

Golden Anidae Book Trailer

Alpha Mine by Brenda Sparks is a suspenseful and sexy paranormal, and this video does a great job of settling up the story. She uses imagery coupled with a compelling script and the driving force of the perfectly suited soundtrack to bring her book to life. Well done!

Alpine Mine Book Trailer

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