Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mary Grzesik Reports From RT 2014 in New Orleans

by Mary Grzesik)

I'm at the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans. It's my first time visiting NOLA, and I want to visit every single shop!

The authors I ran into in my first days at RT 2014:

I guess I should say that the first authors I met are my travel mates. Leah Braemel's latest book, No Accounting for Cowboys (book two of The Grady Legacy series), releases Monday (May 19) with Carina Press. Amy Ruttan writes for the Harlequin Medical Romance line, and her latest release, Melting the Ice Queen's Heart, has been a big hit.

On Tuesday evening we met up with international readers and authors. I chatted with Desiree Holt. Her latest book, Ride the Mustang, released Friday, the first in the SEALs Going Hot Series. She's also co-writing a book with massively popular erotic author Joey W. Hill.

I discussed historical accuracy with Lynne Connolly, who writes 18th-century-based historical and paranormals. Just released Tuesday was Lightning Unbound, the first in the Even the Gods Fall in Love Series. All of us had some great chats discussing cowboys, musicians and sports stars.

Elisabeth Staab has a new one coming out June 3, Hunter by Night, in the Chronicles of Yavn Series. She was with Nyrae Dawn, whose new one is Rush!

I had dinner with Julie James, whose latest is It Happened One Wedding, and she refuses to give any details on her next book, which she's already started. I tried, I really did!


USA TODAY and New York Times bestseller Tracy Wolff is a very busy and very prolific author. Tracy writes erotic contemporaries and New Adult as Tracy Wolff. As Tracy Deebs, she writes Young Adult, and she writes paranormal as Tessa Adams.

Her upcoming New Adult release, Shattered, is book two in the Extreme Risk series about snowboarders (the first one was Shredding). Being from Texas she must have done her homework! Luckily, she's always been a snowboarding fan.

I asked her about her writing schedule and how she juggles it all. Writing under three different names, 14 books in 16 months, is a balancing act, and her writing style fits. She says she plots the books in her head first, then sits down to write. She's also writing a book with Katie Graykowski, who's one of the funniest people I've ever met. I'm so looking forward to that one. They both say they're in stitches writing it! Find out more at the Random House website.


I've always been a fan of Jaci, and her Wild Riders Series has a special place in my heart. I'm a sports fanatic, so I've enjoyed her Play By Play Series as well. Jaci covers many sports, including football, baseball, hockey and auto racing. Jaci loves sports, so it was natural for her to gravitate to writing this series, but she's still meticulous about researching the finer points of each sport, and it shows. Although her books are in a series, they can be read as stand-alones. The next one, Straddling the Line, comes out July 1, and the main character plays football and baseball. Perfect title!

I also asked Jaci about her Hope contemporary romance series. They are small-town romances, which are immensely popular. She lives in a small town and loves it. Her latest release in this series is Hope Ignites. Though Jaci has a talent for writing heat, she still has her "Jaci" brand on this contemporary series. Find out more at

More RT news to come!

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