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Marie Force: Back to Gansett Island!

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by Joyce Lamb)

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Marie Force, who's 11th Gansett Island book, Gansett After Dark, came out this week, shares the scoop on the latest novel and where the series is headed next.

Marie:Eleven books. You might ask yourself, what does she still have to say about a tiny island and its residents after 11 books and a novella? Turns out, I've got plenty left to say and lots more books planned for my magical island! The latest installment, Gansett After Dark, takes the series in a slightly new direction. First and foremost, the name of the book is different than the others, all of which end with the words "For Love."

I see Gansett After Dark as the end of the first phase of the series and the start of a new one. Future books will continue the "After Dark" titles, beginning with Kisses After Dark, starring Shane McCarthy.

Gansett After Dark is also unique because if features a second story for a couple we first met back in book four, Falling for Love. Owen Lawry and Laura McCarthy began their relationship as friends, which was one of my favorite things to write in the Gansett Series. I loved how they came together, supported each other through some pretty serious crises and came out on the other end, in love by Season for Love, book six in the series.

Now in book 11, the resolution of some pressing issues looms large over their heads as they count down to their wedding in a few short weeks. I felt that Owen and Laura's story was unfinished until Gansett After Dark, which includes their wedding as well as two others. You'll also meet a few new characters who will appear in upcoming books.

The question I get all the time is how long do I plan to write this series. I always answer that the same way: for as long as the readers continue to love it, I will continue to write it because I love every minute I get to spend on Gansett Island!

Here's a brief excerpt from Gansett After Dark:

"What's that?" Owen asked.

"The album from my first wedding," Laura said.


"I know it may seem inappropriate to break this out the day before our wedding, but I've been thinking about something, and I wanted to share it with you." She flipped open the heavy embossed cover to a photo of her dressed for her wedding. Her hair was pulled back in an elaborate style that had taken hours to get just right. Her makeup had been professionally done and every detail seen to by a wedding planner with meticulous attention to detail.

"Wow," Owen said, gazing at the photo. "You look incredible. So beautiful."

"Thank you." Her throat tightened. "I wanted you to see this because that's not me. That's not the real me. The real me is the one you will see tomorrow. Far less perfect and far less polished, but all me."

"That's the only you I want, Laura."

"I know, and that's why there's no hair stylist or makeup artist or wedding planner this time around. There's only you and me and Holden."

"Which is all we need."

"Last time, with Justin, all of this felt necessary. I don't feel that way with you, and I wanted you to know how comforting it is that I can be completely myself with you—no pretense, no artifice, no charade. Just me."

"There's nothing you could give me that would mean more to me than that, Laura." He cupped her cheek and ran his thumb over her bottom lip.

His tenderness brought tears to her eyes.

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Question for you: What do you love best about series that include a lot of books? What do you like the least?

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