Friday, May 16, 2014

Erotic Horror: A Screaming Wild Ride

by Joyce Lamb)

Claimed by Sin co-authors Regina Puckett and Charity Parkerson, who write erotic horror for Ellora's Cave Publishing, explore the appeal of the subgenre. First up, Regina …

Regina: When first approached to write a horror/erotic book, I didn't think there was any way I could write a good story using both of those elements. But once the idea had been introduced, it slowly took root and I knew I had to try. What I discovered was it was quite easy to do. All I needed was a good horror story with a few characters who couldn't keep their hands off of each other. I loved throwing in a dash of revulsion, horror, disgust, anxiety, and fear into the mix of lust, longing, desire, yearning — with the added hope of finding true love in the end. Horror/erotic is a fun genre. The reader and I both take a journey together, getting to experience every emotion imaginable. It's a wild ride.

And now we hear from Charity …

Charity: Mixing horror and erotica to make an exciting read. For some, this is a strange combination. To me, it's the sensation of the hair standing on the back of my neck when I know something evil lurks just out of sight, and the chill bumps that rise on my arms when I've met the perfect book boyfriend. When the two things collide, it's the Ellora's Cave "Screamers" line. That's where I come in, pushing the boundaries and loving it. Thanks to this amazing publisher, I've been handed the freedom to write the smoking-hot scenes I've held back on in the past. If I can make you scream along the way — even better.

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