Tuesday, May 20, 2014

EL James Threatens New Fifty Shades of Grey Novel in Instagram Photo

(from independent.co.uk)
by Christopher Hooton)

EL James has maybe, possibly, slightly hinted that she's working on another Fifty Shades novel, after posting an Instagram pic of a certain section of her keyboard.

Attention has been firmly on the movie version of James' first book starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in recent months, but people who use phrases like 'rumpy pumpy' will be delighted to hear a new book may be in the works.

The author focused in on the part of a keyboard that contains the letter F, I, T and Y in the photo, which is a big jump to talk of another sequel, but didn't stop fans liking it in their thousands.

"Please let there be another Fifty Shades of Grey. I want to know how their family turns out, and if Ethan and Mia hit it off, and what about Kate and Elliot? There's still so much to know," one user wrote (I don't know what any of this means).

While more literary exploits for the S&M-obsessed Christian Grey may be some way off, Sam Taylor-Johnson's film adaptation is now in post-production and is due to open in cinemas February 2015.