Saturday, May 10, 2014


I want to talk about comments today. I am so happy to get comments on my blog here. It means you were interested enough in what I wrote to say something about it. I love the feedback. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I would pretty much beg for comments. I just wanted people to know that this was a readers and authors blog. I wanted input. Did you like what I wrote or posted or did you not like it? Do you have anything to add?

Now I do not have to ask for comments I get some and I am happy with that.

Here is my issue. I answer all my comments. I think if someone took the time out to comment, you should acknowledge it. That is my opinion. I had a fellow blogger I kept writing to and I finally wrote to her email and said to take me off the mailing list (which she still has not done and that shows how good she pays attention to the people who like her blog) because of my multiple comments that went unanswered. She said she wished on my to have as busy a blog as hers and than I would understand.

I will never understand. If I got 100 comments a day I would answer everyone because that is what I think you should do. It is about courtesy and about showing love for the people who support your blog. You would not be so busy if you did not have people reading your blog. Is it hard for me to keep up the amount of blogging I do everyday? Sure it is. But almost 1,000 people a day read my blog so I do it for them.

So as far as comments go - to the readers, leave us a comment we really appreciate it. To the bloggers, answer your comments. Even if they are not questions there is something you can say to the people that keep your blog going.