Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Books I Recently Received

I think I have told you a few times about the ARC paperback copy I received of How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly In Love by Ken Baker. I am really excited to get this book because I was not able to do the book tour and get a copy of it that way but because I was in on the blitz, the author sent it out anyway. I love it so far it is more for teens but if you like to laugh, and you were a teenager at some point, you will love it. I am hoping to get more time to read it.

I also received a book from an author I love, Judy Croome. She sent me Notes From The Underground by multiple authors. It is an anthology of short stories and I am loving it. You all know how much I love short stories. She also sent me another book of hers (and I didn't even ask) Dancing In The Shadows Of Love. I am excited to read that. She just knows how much I loved her book Weight Of A Feather so she was nice enough to share her wonderful books with me. I told EVERYONE about that Weight Of A Feather and had her on my blog for an interview. We had fun and, like I said, she sent me these two books in paperback.

I also received in the mail yesterday a review copy in paperback of The Crying Dance by John Spivey. He signed it beautifully for me. I read about this book it is supposed to be very good. I am excited to read it and review it for John

I was also asked by author Laurie Larsen to review her book Road Trip To Redemtion. I did a blitz for her book also so I was thrilled she asked me to review. Of course I said yes. I only has one review so far but it was a five star review so we help each other out. I get to read and she gets a review. The perfect match.

So that is called stacking the shelves I believe. I need to write more often about all of the wonderful contest I win because I win frequently and all of the review books I read. I promise I will bring you more on what I am reading and then you can bug me for a review lol!

What are you reading? Let me know. I would love to know. Just post in the comments and I will answer you like I answer all of my comments.