Friday, May 16, 2014

Book News

There is a definite difference between my blog and other blogs. And it just hit me today. I already knew that most blogs out now are YA or romance blogs. It is just an observation I have made. They keep you updated on their favorite authors and read all books by the same authors so they have a lot of information. Daily tweets, newsletters, facebook info etc.

Me? I love all genres so it is tougher for me. I give you a lot of book news, things I think are fun, information from the few newsletters I do sign up for, book blitzes, etc. But I have no allegiance to any author in particular. So what to do?

I think I will start with some of the authors I love and have read more than one book by and make sure I get on their twitter page and their mailing list so I can pass information onto you. But I am already reading two new authors because I like to find new authors. There are two types of readers and I have mentioned this and even asked it as a poll question in a rafflecopter giveaway. Do you like to read books by a few authors you know you like or do you like to explore new authors? I like to explore new authors. But I will not turn down a book from my favorite authors. I have a Neil Gaiman book upstairs I have not started that I purchased, a book by Judy Croome to read that was gifted to me, and a book by A.M. Homes to read that I purchased. The Gaiman book has been up there for about a month. Judy's book has been waiting for me for a few weeks. And the A.M. Homes book has been around since December.

So I will try to bring you more news about authors and books. I do notice my views go up when I am talking about new books and certain authors. That is interesting to me. Tell me below in the comments section who you would like to see me showcase. I will do my very best to do what I can. I have no problem asking a famous author for an interview. And I would read a book you suggest to me. Just comment and again, I will keep bringing you diversity in books.