Thursday, May 8, 2014

Book Con and What I Learned at ComicCon

BookCon is coming up and I plan on going. I will be a newbie just like I was to ComicCon. I went to ComicCon's website and I followed their instructions but it does not prepare you for the craziness and the wonderfulness is ComicCon. So what did I learn?

-As big as the Jacob Javitz Center is, as much as the air conditioning is pumped up, it is hot in there. There are sooo many people. So if you have the body to get away with it, wear a tiny costume. I am not being sexist. And dress what you want but know your makeup will run and you will be hot. My friend was. He dressed like Jon Snow. WHEW! I changed from a Superman short sleeved t-shirt to a Walking Dead tank top that I purchased there. So maybe even wear shorts and I don't know if you will be walking but don't bring a jacket you will wind up carrying it. If the event is outside and I think I read that some are, dress appropriately or you will be sorry.

-Wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet all day. Make sure they have good support or even buy those inserts to help your arches. You may not be able to walk for the next two days. There is no place to sit and the site tells you not to sit on the floor although I did it twice and saw others doing it.

-Eat well before. The food lines are crazy and it is a long day. You will want to bring bottled water and a snack, something like a protein bar you need protein. Standing on line is hungry work. I brought a bottle of water and stood online forever for another bottle later. So pack you backpack with water and snacks.

-Bring a backpack. You will get so much swag. It is up to you some places give bags but if you do not want to buy a canvas bag to hold all your swag, bring some sort of bag to carry your books and swag in. And watch how much you grab if it is free because you come home with a lot of junk. I did. Focus on what you really want and where you want to go.

-Get the app. We all have mobile phones. Get the app that tells you all about the convention. It is so helpful.

-Go to the website. The website gives you all of the tips I am giving you basically. For example I needed a medical badge. I read all about how to get it and what to do about my meds, etc. The website tells you everything you need to know.

-Bring cash. There were only a few ATM's there. You are going to want to buy things and not all the booths take an atm card. But you can bring that too.

-Make sure your phone is charged. And bring the charger I believe they had outlets. If not get the Halo phone charger portable. You will need your phone if you separate from your friends and also to use the app.

-A small bottle of hand sanitizer. You will be exchanging a lot of money and shaking a lot of hands. It is the end of flu season but you do not know how clean anything is. You can get tiny bottles of Purell or something similar.

-OTC pain relievers. I had my own medicine but my husband needed aspirin at the end of the day and I had some. It is so fun and exciting but you crash and realize how tired and sore you are. Plus you are so excited you might just get a headache from being excited! Whatever you take that works.

-Regular medications - if you are and take insulin or pills, make sure you pack them. If you need medication to be cold, look on the website for that medical badge because they will have a place for you to store you medication. But if you need it on a normal day you will for sure need it for BookCon so make sure you have your meds. Buy one of those cases that is a small oval and does not let light in. Stainless steel - those are the best.

Basically bring the bare minimum because you will be leaving with the maximum.