Thursday, May 8, 2014

Belles on Wheels Authors and Their Road-Trip Heroes

by Joyce Lamb)

The Belles on Wheels bus tour kicks off this Friday (May 9) in Atlanta, so HEA touched base with the authors involved and asked them some burning questions about the tour, their upcoming release and what they're most looking forward to at the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, where the tour finishes up.

Emma Chase, author of Twisted

Which of your heroes would you take on the road with you?

Emma: Drew Evans!! Even though Drew's bold and cocky attitude might get us into trouble — he would be so much fun to road trip with. He has such an entertaining way of looking at things. That, coupled with him telling stories of his wild pre-Kate years that he'd be all too eager to share — and there wouldn't be a single dull moment!

What are you looking forward to most at RT?

Emma: It's my first trip to RT so I'm looking forward to everything! It will be wonderful to meet other authors and attend their Q&A panels. I also can't wait for the big signing on Saturday — looking forward to seeing lots of my readers!

Please tell us about your most recent release.

Emma: Twisted came out at the end of March, and it's the second full-length book in the Tangled Series. It picks up two years after Tangled and is told from Kate's point of view. Drew and Kate are going strong, but some unexpected circumstances put their relationship to the test. This story pulls at the heartstrings but will also make you laugh out loud.

Alice Clayton, author of Rusty Nailed

Road-trip hero? I feel like Simon Parker would make a helluva road-trip partner, except for his consistent refusal to look at an actual map. On the other hand, Jack Hamilton prefers to drive with his right hand on his companion's thigh, so there's that. I think I'm going to need both, in an older car with a bench seat, with me in the middle of both Simon and Jack. Yes, yes, that's it exactly. And then when the sun sets and the moon rises and the highway lines are starting to blur we pull off onto the shoulder … to blur some other lines. And then, wait, what? What were we talking about?

RT anticipation? Last year was the first year I've ever attended RT, and I came as a reader, not an author. Only for one day! And I had a blast. This year, I think I'm most looking forward to being there as an author AND a reader. I can fangirl with the best of them.

Recent release? Rusty Nailed is released only a few weeks after RT, and I can't wait! The long-awaited sequel to Wallbanger is releasing on June 24, and I can't wait for everyone to be reunited with their Simon. This book finds Simon and Caroline settling into coupledom, but as usual this unconventional couple turns conventional right on its ear. Caroline is busier than ever, Simon is traveling just like he always does, and Clive? Well, Clive is back too.

Rusty Nailed is sexy, it's silly, and served with a twist.

Kresley Cole, author of The Professional

Road-trip hero? I would love to take Thronos, the hero of Dark Skye (coming Aug 5). He surprised me at every turn — with his above-and-beyond actions, his ungoverned reactions, and his heart-stopping words to his heroine, Lanthe (sentiments that made me sigh aloud as I was reading them). So I can't imagine what unexpected things he might do when on a bus full of wild women!

RT anticipation? I can't wait to see friends and hang out in the Crescent City! Having family in and around New Orleans, I've spent a lot of time there and take every chance I can to visit. It's no coincidence that two of my three current series (Immortals After Dark & The Arcana Chronicles) are set in and around NOLA!

Recent release? My next release is the bind-up edition of The Professional (out now!), the first full-length erotica novel in my Game Maker Series. The Professional features the breathtakingly gorgeous Aleksandr "The Siberian" Sevastyan and grad student Natalie Porter, a tantalizing redhead whose kiss haunts him. He's a mob enforcer; she's the boss's long-lost-daughter. The barriers between them ratchet up the sensual tension and send sparks flying ....

Come to think of it, I will definitely have to squeeze Aleksandr on the bus, too! Who better than a supersexy Siberian bodyguard to make sure we arrive safe in NOLA after our seven-city adventure?

Jennifer Probst, author of Searching for Perfect

Road-trip hero? Oh, no, who to choose?! Since I've just finished the book and fell madly in love with my new hero from Searching for Perfect, I choose Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle! Besides being organized, funny, and a wonderful support, he's damn hot in bed!!

RT anticipation? I'm most looking forward to finally meeting an amazing lineup of readers and writers. I chat so much on social media I feel like I know so many personally! It will be fun to be able to drink a cocktail, hang out, and talk in person. The thing I love about RT is the openness and excitement from readers and writers.

Recent release? Searching for Perfect is the second in my Searching For series and introduces my first hot nerd hero. It's an Eliza Doolittle/My Fair Lady story switched up. Here's the blurb:

The up-and-coming matchmaking agency Kinnections is the hottest thing to hit Verily, New York—just like Kennedy Ashe, social director for the service she owns with her two best girlfriends. A coach, consultant, and cheerleader rolled into one super-sizzling package, Kennedy creates dream dates, encourages singles to shine, and never refuses a challenge—not even her new client, Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle, rocket scientist and nerd extraordinaire. Kennedy vows to transform this hot mess in a lab coat with a disastrous relationship track record into the most wanted man on the Verily dating scene. If only she could turn the wand on herself. . . . Though she radiates confidence and sex appeal, Kennedy harbors deep-seated insecurities from her tormented past. When she realizes she and Nate are cut from the same cloth and might be perfect together, can Kennedy learn to let her heart lead the way? Or will her fears sentence her to the sidelines as Nate finds love—with someone else?

Kyra Davis, author of Deceptive Innocence

Road-trip hero? At this point I think I would take the recent Pulitzer Prize-winning Donna Tartt. I absolutely love her books and have so much respect for her. I'd love to pick her brain and hear more about her process.

RT anticipation? Due to family obligations I won't be able to attend the RT Booklovers Convention, but I do hope to go next year. I'd love to meet the readers and authors who attend and just really get a sense of the community.

Recent release? In June the paperback of my e-book novella Deceptive Innocence will be released. It's a book about a mysterious young woman who goes by the name of Bell. Ever since her mother died in prison for a crime she didn't commit, Bell has made her life about one thing and one thing only: revenge. She knows it was members of the high-powered Gable family who set her mother up and she's sure that the best way to take them down is from the inside. She begins by seducing her way into the life of the family's rebellious youngest son, Lander, with the intent of using the relationship to gain access to the secrets that will destroy the Gables. But Lander is more complicated than she thought he would be. Mysterious, intelligent and with an intriguing dark side, Bell finds herself drawn to him in ways she never could have expected. And their sexual chemistry is off the charts. Now, in addition to fighting the Gables, Bell must fight for the strength to ruin the only man who has made her feel something other than anger.

Katy Evans, author of Rogue

Road-trip hero? I love all my heroes to pieces, but my REAL hero, Remington Tate, slays me. It would be a dream to take him on the road. He's the only one my readers have met so far, so I'm sure they'd be ecstatic to meet him in person, and I can never say "no" to that dimpled smile and twinkling blue gaze. He's quiet, protective, has a great taste for music and I'd love to see what songs he plays while we're on the road. He's also an Underground fighter with a heart of gold, so I would feel extremely safe with him near. He would protect ALL the Belles from any harm! :)

RT anticipation? Unfortunately I won't be at RT this year, but if I were, I would look forward to everything! It would be my first RT Booklovers Convention, so I have no idea what to expect and am definitely planning to (one day soon) find out!

Recent release? Oh, I can't wait for my next release, Rogue. Rogue is the story of Brooke's best friend, Melanie, and her new love interest, Greyson King. Greyson is a man with many secrets and a dangerous job in the Underground, which includes him being a bad, bad boy. When I sat down to write this story, I truly had no idea what I had in store for me, but it was such a thrilling, sexy ride, I couldn't help but fall hard for those two as they fell hard for each other. I really hope readers like it and am counting the days for release on July 29. :)

Kristen Proby, author of the Love Under the Big Sky series

Road-trip hero? Can I take all of them? No? Hmm ... I think I'd like to take Ty from the upcoming Seducing Lauren. He's funny, playful, smart and I have quite the crush on him. ;)

RT anticipation? I'm looking forward to spending time with colleagues, sitting in on panels and learning as much as I can while I'm there.

Recent release? My most recent release was Tied With Me, book six in the With Me In Seattle series, which released on March 18.

Lisa Renee Jones, author of My Hunger

Road-trip hero? Chris Merit for sure. He's protective, sexy and gets along with everyone. But after it's all said and done, he's pretty special to be alone with. :)

RT anticipation? I've never been to New Orleans so it will be fun to experience it for the first time while connecting with old friends and readers.

Recent release? My Hunger is a novella that leads into No In Between, book No. 4 of the Inside Out series. In My Hunger, readers will find out what Mark Compton has been doing while Chris and Sara are in Paris in this steamy second encounter with Crystal Smith as well as a look into the investigation into Rebecca's disappearance. In No In Between Mark, Chris and Sara are back in full force, and you finally find out what happened to Rebecca.

Christina Lauren, author of Sweet Filthy Boy

Road-trip hero? Ansel to keep us all laughing at his ridiculousness. Bennett to fix things if we get stuck somewhere and hit some sort of inefficient human roadblock. Will for eye candy and Max's big hands when our shoulders get a little sore.

RT anticipation? This is our first RT Convention, and the fact that it's in New Orleans just completely sweetens the pot. We are looking forward to time with our Gallery family, meeting readers and, of course, fangirling over our favorite authors. Oh, and basically eating our way through the New Orleans foodie world.

Recent release? Sweet Filthy Boy, out May 13, is a story about falling in love in unexpected ways and being brave enough to recognize it when it happens. It also embraces the decisions we have to make in our early 20s when we finish school. Do we follow our own path or do we do what parents or teachers or respected role models want us to do?

S.C. Stephens, author of Thoughtless

Road-trip hero? I wish I could tuck K.A. Linde, Rebecca Donovan and J. Sterling in my bag and take them with me. They are three amazing, inspiring writers who I respect and look up to. But with Christina Lauren, Kristen Proby, Alice Clayton, Emma Chase and all the others on board, I feel like I'm already going to be surrounded by a lot of inspiration. This tour is going to be something I will never forget.

RT anticipation? I won't be going this year, but if I were I would want to check out the best-selling authors talking about their daily goals. I stress about productivity. Hearing some of the greatest talk about their own methods would be very encouraging! I would also want to do the Great Author Hunt, because that just sounds like fun!

Recent release? I'm currently in the process of editing Kellan's POV of Thoughtless. He's a fan favorite, and I'm extremely excited to get his story out there!

Find out more about the Belles on Wheels tour, including the schedule, at XOXO After Dark.