Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bad Grammar: Rogue Apostrophes and Bizarre Spelling - In Pictures

(from theguardian.com
by Guardian readers and Marta Bausells)

What's missing, a hyphen or a comma? Photograph: Ian Hart/GuardianWitness

Not just for Friday's what? "This effort by Tesco again. Stroud, Gloucestershire." Photograph: carnaptious99/GuardianWitness

The London Cabinet Maker: "In King's Cross, London." Photograph: ferfcuksake/GuardianWitness

They do what to the bacon? "City of Bath College." Photograph: MightyAntar/GuardianWitness

Women's health centre in Dublin 7: "I laugh whenever I walk past. They got the apostrophe correct but would you trust them with your helth?" Photograph: dannyboydublin/GuardianWitness

We've listened to your feedback, but not looked. Photograph: Minky13/GuardianWitness

Apostrophe misuse alive and well in Melbourne. Twice. Photograph: EmmaB/GuardianWitness

NatWest getting it wrong: "I have tweeted the screenshot to them a while ago, no changes made." Photograph: Kinga Pasko/GuardianWitness

Bad grammar sours beverage: "Annoying on-counter ad for Vit Hit." Photograph: emmyemmylondon/GuardianWitness

Cineworld should, know, better: "Saw this advert in the Cineworld toilets. Bad enough place to be at the best of times without extraneous commas." Photograph: GabrielJS/GuardianWitness

"A extraordinary taste sensation?" "Obviously it should be 'An extraordinary taste sensation'. I can't believe such an obvious mistake wasn't picked up by someone within the company (Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar)." Photograph: Sionyn/GuardianWitness

Apostrophe catastrophe at Tesco Bank: "Gloria, a glamorous marketing sign in the Tesco Bank Haymarket office, displays an appalling lack of grammar." Photograph: Ancridhe/GuardianWitness

Makers of (an admittedly great-tasting) breakfast muesli: "I pointed out this error to them ten years ago. The box is still in circulation. Accordingly, so is my grammatical wrath." Photograph: Lesedi Amore/GuardianWitness

Sainsbury's Surprises: "A rare offender. Sainsbury's surprises with its apostrophe error." Photograph: Antoine Ó Fionnagáin Moreno/GuardianWitness

Everyday error every day: "In Poundland." Photograph: 8002575540/GuardianWitness

Kentucky Fried Grammar: "Taken in Copenhagen." Photograph: HelenSB/GuardianWitness

It's a good thing they are not giving out free grammar lessons: "Spotted in the local free Metro paper." Photograph: ID4788819/GuardianWitness

Buy one apostrophe and get one free? That's why it's redundant! "Whitehall (redundant apostrophe) Preserve Society!" Photograph: BountifulOne/GuardianWitness

Is English grammar in the UK going to the dogs?: Discount cosmetics store somewhere in the South West of England Photograph: Catharegirl/GuardianWitness

Hmmmm, are little boys really made "off"?! "Everybody is familiar with the nursery rhyme "slugs, snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of", well that's everyone except Dunnes Stores in the UK who are the makers of this grammatically incorrect sleepsuit designed for babies." Photograph: suziestrawberry/GuardianWitness

Label on M&S jeans, 2013: "I naturally returned the jeans to Marks and Spencer because they were of grammatically unacceptable quality." Photograph: richardthomson/GuardianWitness

Just the one picture. Photograph: Tara Barnett/GuardianWitness

Classical mistake: "Escape door on bus in Nottingham." Photograph: Joanne Whetstone/GuardianWitness

Surely the extra E would have fit. Photograph: Minky13/GuardianWitness

If you must get a tattoo here, dont let them do word's: "Probably the owner's name is Mr. Tattoo, and this is Tattoo's Tattoo Parlour. That would explain it. I've always envied those people whose last names tell them what line of work to pursue." Photograph: tarian/GuardianWitness

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