Friday, May 23, 2014


Yesterday while wandering the web I came across and saw that I had two credits. Awesome! So I was in the mood to close my eyes and fall into another world so I thought long and hard about a book I do not already have and of course could not find my list for Barnes & Noble of the new books I want. I thought hard and settled on an author I love and purchased for what would have been $8.99 "File Under 13 Suspicious Incidents" by Lemony Snicket. I know he is geared for middle grade readers but the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" series was so good I had to check this book out. I have been waiting for it since I found out the publication date back in January.

The book was so great. If you want I just put my review up yesterday so you could read that because I am not here to talk about the actual book but more about audibles. Audibles readership (or listeningship) is growing and I think that is great. I have heard a lot of housewives say they listen to a book while cleaning so it is more fun and they get time to get a book in. I have also heard other good things about audibles. Some people said they preferred it to reading a book. WOAH! I am not in agreement with that. But more power to you if you get a book in, it is still a good think.

My first encounter with audibles was a horror book and it was good but the narrator had such a soothing tone I zonked out for the last half hour of the book. That is one issue with audibles. Do not listen to it if you are tired. Also I do not know how you would know this but pick a book that is narrated by someone who's voice you are possibly familiar with. So you know the voice will not be droning on. I believe in the description of the book it tell you who the narrator is.

So I was on my new sofa and nice and comfortable. I leaned back and closed my eyes and waited to be transported to Lemony Snickets world. I was good up until story three because I was blogging at the same time and realized I could not tell you anything about the first three stories. So I rewound the book and started over. I did good after that. I still paused it here and there to get coffee or let the dog out. My mind wandered a bit. I think the worst part was it was 13 different mysteries and, if I had the print copy I could turn to the back immediately to see how the mystery was solved but instead I had to really pay attention so by the time the book was almost at an end, I would understand the explanations.

I have one more credit and am wondering do I blog today or get another book.

I think is great and would suggest it. You really have to have good listening skills or else you will miss a lot. And you have to be doing nothing else. Of course I know some people that cannot read unless the television is on so maybe that is not a big deal for you. I guess the experience is different for everyone.

Then there is the whole thing we go through with Kindle. There is just nothing like holding a book in your hand and taking it all in. The smell, the feel, your favorite bookmark, and all the things that make reading a hard or soft copy of the book be the great experience that it is.

If you have been wondering about audibles, try it. I hope I get some more magic credits :)